80’s Makeover


Builder Company

Twin Lions Contracting Ltd.

Major Associate(s)

TLG Millwerks Ltd.


This striking kitchen was part of a whole-home renovation, which included a small, corner addition and a complete reimagination of the space. Homeowners now have room to enjoy their casual lifestyle as well as to able to entertain family and friends. There’s also a better connection to the backyard from adjoining family room.

Extensive cabinetry runs along the perimeter wall. An oversized linear 2-level island provides additional counterspace and excellent storage, plus, it seats four comfortably with additional seating for four at a dining-table height. The existing skylights were retained and incorporated into the new design. A large window was added to the new end wall, highlighted with a black painted, half-inch-thick interior frame, yielding a clever detail!

The fresh bright white colour palette is exactly what the homeowners wanted and is the perfect background for their colourful artwork!