Better Performance Homebuilding in the Real World

Event date: November 4, 2019
Showtime: 8:00am-4:00pm
Location: Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre
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Building better homes is no longer a niche-exclusive opportunity.  As soon as 2022, BC builders will be required to build homes at progressively more advanced levels that achieve Step Code-based energy performance targets, so are you AND your team ready?   Presented by FortisBC with patron sponsor BC Housing and Education Partner BC Hydro, HAVAN’s Better Performance Homebuilding in the Real World with Mark LaLiberte of Construction Instruction will provide builders, renovators, architects, designers, renovators, subtrades and other project consultants with the tools required to successfully navigate the complexities of moving a current Building Code-compliant home to high-performance standards (Step Code 3 and beyond).

Key Learning Objectives:

  • What technology changes are driving better building performance?
  • Learn how the building science principles of heat, air, and moisture flow affects whole house performance
  • Understand the need for better design choices to control cost and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Understand the choices to integrate great design with great performance
  • Learn the right places to put insulation when coupled with excellent air sealing
  • Air barriers, the materials we use and what’s changing to make it easier
  • Mechanical systems are struggling to match our enclosure performance. How to help HVAC teams design better.
  • IAQ, and the opportunity to improve the indoor air conditions for customers.

Bringing real-world case studies and research-based technical details into the course content, attendees will also learn through the workshop opportunities for discussion, collaboration, and problem solving.  
Builders are strongly encouraged to bring their teams to this learning event – site supers and workers, trades, consultants – everyone wins

With more than 35 years of industry experience, guest speaker Mark LaLiberte, co-founder and President of Construction Instruction (based out of Denver, CO and co-founded with Gord Cooke in Ontario), will lead this in-depth seminar and provide attendees with essential technical knowledge, building processes that are effective in the real world, best practices to save time and money, and expert guidance to educate builders and their teams to successfully build higher-performing homes in Metro Vancouver.  Mark has a unique and well-respected ability to analyze complex issues and deliver practical, cost-effective solutions in an engaging manner. Bringing the real world into his seminar content using case studies and real world examples. Don’t miss this rare opportunity for your company to be part of this exciting education event – teams are strongly encouraged to attend.

Learning Highlights:

  • High Performance Building is not a niche – in this session, we share our experience about where the industry is going, and provide an understanding of the history of changes in both the construction industry and consumer expectations.
  • Energy – understand the big picture overview of the movement of heat, air, and moisture through the lens of physics, what materials and procedures aid in managing energy flow.
  • Moisture Management – examine water flows in all its states and the relationship and influences of climate, building design, and lifestyle
  • Indoor Air Quality –control IAQ through material choices, source control, behavior patterns, and ventilation options
  • Process Integration – identify how the integration of building science is necessary in the process of planning, designing, and constructing buildings





  • Mark LaLiberte, Construction Instruction

    Mark LaLiberte is the co-founder and president of Construction Instruction. He has dedicated over 30 years to the building industry. Through his lectures, site assistance, Building Better Homes video series and his mobile App, he provides builders, architects and manufactures with an in-depth look at the current and future state of housing. His work has earned him a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Energy and Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA), where he developed the highly acclaimed Houses that Work lecture series. The HTW Series has been delivered for over 16 years by the Ci team in 100’s of N. American cities.

    He was the 2013 Building Science co-chair for the Hanley Wood Vision 2020 project and he has provided technical assistance and a voluntary board position to the Cold Climate Housing Research Center in Fairbanks, Alaska for over 10 years. Mark also helped develop the training curriculum for the 2012 Repair Corp Project for Habitat for Humanity that provides assistance to improve existing housing for our Veterans.

    He works with various manufacturers to assist in developing products and services for the next phase of efficient homes. Mark is the co-creator of the Ci App and animation studio, which developed the number one mobile App in the construction industry and builds realistic state of the art contextual animations on building science concepts and technical installation practices.

    He is also President of Sales Instruction Inc., helping to bridge sales and marketing efforts to our industry. Working with leading industry suppliers and manufacturers, his sales training company creates a common language to drive sales and increase productivity for sales teams.

    His passion for educating lies in knowing how vital the building industry is.  Building healthy, safe, durable and efficient homes has an effect on the buyer, the builder, the economy and the planet.

    Expertise: Ci’s events are far more than just presentations; they provide real solutions contractors can implement the day they meet our team. We present real-world applications gleaned from thousands of site visits, from all over the world. Audiences have a chance to learn the best techniques for building better buildings through our hands-on, casual, yet informative discussions.

    Mark also leads the Ci’s Team to provide the next level of training at Ci Live in Phoenix, AZ. This facility incorporates class room, mock up walls and lab experimentation over two days to define best practices of entire building systems from framing to advanced HVAC.