Builders’ Breakfast Series: The Step Code Challenge – Rethinking the wall assembly and construction process

Event date: February 27, 2019
Showtime: 7:30am-9:30am
Location: Trev Deeley (1875 Boundary Road Vancouver)
2.0 CPD credits

The Step Code Challenge: Rethinking the wall assembly and construction process

The new Step Code has changed the game for the General Contractor/Builder. Building the same old
way simply won’t cut it anymore. The envelopes need to be higher performing which requires better design, more attention to detailing and the houses will take longer to build.

How do we accomplish all of that without breaking the customer’s budget and having a wall system that fails?
In this seminar we will present wall assemblies that are designed, tested and certified to meet and exceed the Step Codes. We will also present the concept of constructing the wall envelope in a matter of a few days by pre-constructing the walls, floor and roof in a controlled environment.

This seminar will cover:
• Wall assembly materials from BASF including MP1, Neopor rigid insulation and Walltite spray foam for walls and under slab, exterior roof insulation.
• Performance data on BASF materials and wall assemblies.
• Different BASF wall assemblies that have been designed, tested and certified.
• Factory made wall panels.
• The Construction process using wall panels
• Wall assembly detailing to control air infiltration.

Learning Objectives:
• Benefits of spray foam for under insulation to improve air seal and Radon exposure
• Benefits of liquid products for air and water seal around windows
• Understanding flat roof insulation with slope package
• Determining wall assemblies to meet the various Step Code requirements
• Reducing thermal bridging in the walls
• Wall construction detailing to reduce air infiltration
• Explore basic techniques to increase the wall performance to meet the higher Step Codes

Who Should Attend

Builders, renovators, designers, architects, site supervisors

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