Supplier On-Site Education Series: Rock the House with HiFi Centre

Event date: April 4, 2019
Showtime: 5 pm - 8pm
Location: 433 Carrall Street, Vancouver
1.0 CPD point in Construction Technology

Due to popular demand, Rock the House with HiFi Centre will be re-presented on Thursday, April 4 on-site at their showroom to capture the full experience!

A comprehensive study on the impact of adding music and entertainment technology to the modern smart home will be presented at the HiFi Centre’s showroom  – the perfect location to literally hear why and understand how the right sound system can improve your clients’ home and lifestyle, without impacting the bottom line.

Technology plays a huge role in our lives, and in how we enjoy and use our space.  This course will provide an overview of the fundamental basics of home entertainment technology. By understanding these basic principles, attendees will be empowered to successfully support a strong business case for the advantages of incorporating technology into the home.

Doors open at 5pm. Presentation runs from 6-7pm. Sound rooms open from 7-8pm. Come and hear for yourself just how amazing a smart home can sound!

Key Learning components:

  • The role of technology in the modern home, and how technology adds to the overall experience
  • Who should you talk to about Home Entertainment (HE) technology and the role of the electrician in HE integration
  • Tying in with security
  • Audio – ways to listen, what is needed for each option, factors which influence outcome
  • TV vs. home theatre
  • Control and automation options and opportunities
  • Voice control – get ready for the revolution
  • Networking is the backbone of the connected home
  • Making technology blend in to the home
  • The business case to tie it all together
Who Should Attend

Builders, Developers, Renovators, Designers, Architects, Anyone who loves technology

Event Agenda

5pm – Doors open, networking, and food

6pm – 7pm – presentation

7pm – 8pm – Q&A, sound room tours


HiFi Presenter

  • Mike Freedman, HiFi Centre

    Mike Freedman is a seasoned veteran of the audio business.  A lifetime enthusiast and music lover, Mike worked as a DJ throughout university while pursuing a career in broadcasting.  After moving to BC at age 25, Mike began to explore the business side of the music and technology.  Mike has worked for some of your favourite companies in a long career including Beats, Monster, Tannoy, PMC, Polk Audio, Linn, Onkyo, Sennheiser and many others.  Most recently Mike worked with Sonos and as one of the founding fathers of Sonos Canada, buillding their Canadian dealer network and overseeing a period of rapid growth as Sonos came to dominate the consumer audio market.  In late 2017, after 10 years of heavy travel, he decided to leave Sonos and focus on his family by focussing on his career closer to home.  In early 2018 he began working with Hi Fi Centre in Vancouver to create a division focused on working with builders.  Mike is married with 3 young children, 2 black labs and a grumpy cat.  When he is not working, he is an avid boater and occasionally catches a fish.  He cooks southern style BBQ and even after all of these years, still loves music.