Build the Region Series, Part 2: Missing Middle, Milestones + Rooftopper Awards

Event date: November 6, 2019
Showtime: 5:15PM-8:30PM
Location: Riverway Clubhouse (9001 Bill Fox Way, Burnaby, BC V5J 5J3)

Three speakers, each with unique perspectives, will address the question, “How do we build the missing middle in this region?”   Continuing the dialogue started with Greg Moore’s presentation at the first HAVAN Build the Region Series, “Why is it so difficult?”, in October, three industry-respected peers will address the challenges with building the missing middle from three perspectives (technical/zoning, neighbourhood resistance, and political will) and share their thoughtful strategies and insights on how we can move forward and meet the demand for housing solutions that are affordable.

You are invited to join the discussion as we talk with our respected panelists:  Jake Fry, founder/principal, Smallworks Studios / Laneway Housing and co-founder of SmallHousing BC, Daniel Oleksiuk co-founder of Abundant Housing Vancouver, and Gord Price, Director, The City Program at Simon Fraser University.



  • Daniel Oleksiuk, Co-Founder, Abundant Housing Vancouver

    Danny Oleksiuk is a Vancouver lawyer, co-founder of Abundant Housing Vancouver, and a former member of the City of Vancouver’s Renters’ Advisory Committee. In the past, he has worked for the BC Ministry of Housing and Social Development and the United Nations Development Programme in Beijing. He spends his time with Abundant Housing Vancouver increasing public engagement in city planning decisions of significance.

  • Gordon Price, Fellow, SFU Centre for Dialogue

    Gordon Price is a Fellow with the SFU Centre for Dialogue. Until 2016, he was Director of the City Program at Simon Fraser University.

    In 2002, he finished his sixth term as a City Councillor in Vancouver, BC.  He also served on the Board of the Greater Vancouver Regional District (Metro Vancouver) and was appointed to the first board of the Greater  Vancouver Transportation Authority (TransLink) in 1999.

    He has spoken at numerous conventions and conferences in many countries, and conducts tours and seminars on the development of Vancouver.  He also blogs on urban issues, with a focus on Vancouver, at “Price Tags”.

    Gordon is a regular lecturer on transportation and land use for the City of Portland, Oregon and Portland State University.  He also sits on the board of the Sightline Institute, based in Seattle.

  • Jake Fry, Founder/Principal, Smallworks Studios / Laneway Housing Inc.

    Jake started Smallworks in late 2005 and became a strong advocate for the introduction of laneway housing. He established Smallworks Studios and Laneway Housing Inc. and worked with the City of Vancouver and other municipalities to help develop zoning by-laws based on his experience and interaction with literally hundreds of potential small home clients. Jake not only wanted to build small but to build sustainable. He brings together a team of dedicated people and develops homes which blend innovative techniques and incorporate modern building science and Flat Pac with hand-built finishes and millwork.

    “My desire in starting Smallworks was to build simple, elegant modern homes which, with basic maintenance, would look as good a generation after they were built as when they were new.” In 2012, Jake was one of two founding directors of SmallHousing BC, a non profit society. In 2014 Jake was named Ernst & Young’s (EY) Entrepreneur of the Year in Manufacturing.

    Today, Jake focuses on finding new ways to broaden the range of housing types in Vancouver to create affordable options for single-family home ownership.