UnF*@k Your Books: The Surprisingly Simple Path to Financial Clarity

Event date: August 14, 2019
Showtime: 8:30am - 11:30am
Location: Cosentino Centre Vancouver. 8603 Glenlyon Pkwy. Burnaby, BC V5J 0H6.
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Back by Popular Demand! You’ll get a kick out of Spencer, and your business will too!

As a business owner, you probably don’t love the numbers aspect of your business. You started it
without a financial background and kinda (read: totally) ignored accounting early on, passing everything
off to your bookkeeper (and why wouldn’t you…accounting sucks). It worked for a while but now you’ve
grown and are losing sleep not getting the numbers you need. What’s worse, you may not even know
exactly what you need, you just know you’re not getting it. And so the vicious cycle continues, when
financial literacy is ignored, a plateau is inevitable.

Key Learning Components
1. Gain financial clarity
The audience will have a few “Aha” moments as I reveal common blind spots in business financials.
They’ll learn what they didn’t know know in the first place and gain an overall picture of what a solid
foundation in business accounting looks like. Don’t worry…It’s not an accounting lesson. We’ll strip it
back the the bare bones of business owners accounting needs and arm them with all the need-to-know
basics they may not be getting from their current accounting team.

2. Learn how to set the foundation for a stronger internal accounting
Once attendees are able to look at their business through a new and clearer financial lense, we’ll walk
through the accounting foundations that need to be in place for every business. They will understand the
differences between basic bookkeeping and insights driven accounting allowing attendees to take back
control of their financials and build a stronger accounting department. No more hoping for the best when
hiring the next accountant.

3. Don’t fear the numbers – What good reporting actually looks like
Audience members will learn what numbers they need to know, the importance of specific reports, and
how to read them and interpret them to inform important business decisions. More importantly, they will
gain the confidence to tell their accountants what reports they need and in what format. It’s about the
owners learning how to better direct their accountants and having the confidence to do so.

The audience will leave with tools and an action plan they can immediately implement as soon as they get
back to work. In fact, they can take the first meaningful steps before they even leave the seminar.

Key Takeaways
● Gain clarity of financial blind spots as they exist in the industry today.
● Build knowledge and gather tools to turn that blindspot into a powerful source of information.
● Learn the differences between basic bookkeeping and insights driven accounting and why each
are critical to success.
● Learn how to direct your accounting teams to deliver the right information at the right time in a
format business owners understand.

Who Should Attend

Any individual who is interested in learning financial literacy in a way that’s easy to understand with actionable takeaways. This course is targeting Builders, Developers, Renovators, industry supplier business owners and up and coming entrepreneurs.

Event Agenda

8:00am Registration

8:30am – 11:00am – Course Content

11:00am -11:30am – Q&A



  • Spencer Sheinin, CPA, CA, Founder and CEO, Shift Financial

    Spencer Sheinin, CPA, CA, has a unique background with over 15 years as an Entrepreneur combined
    with extensive financial experience as a CPA, CA and investment banker. He is the Founder and CEO of
    Shift Financial Insights, providing ridiculously simple accounting and financial insights for businesses on
    the rise.

    Spencer has previously owned businesses in construction, manufacturing, cold storage and real estate.
    He has been recognized as winner of the Business in Vancouver’s Top 40 Under 40 awards and finalist
    for the Surrey Business Excellence Awards. Spencer is an instructor for the Chartered Professional
    Accountants of B.C. and guest speaker at the University of British Columbia. He is the current President
    EO Vancouver and (hyper)active member since 2005.

    Spencer spent 7 years as a co-owner of a construction company focused on improving and streamlining
    the office administration of the firm and providing strategic direction to improve profitability.
    Spencer is passionate about endurance sport and has completed several marathons, several more
    ultra-marathons (as far as 162 km), Ironman, distance cycling events, and most recently he completed his
    first marathon distance swim. Not surprisingly, both endurance sports and building a business require a
    ton of blood, sweat and tears.