Smallworks Studios / Laneway Housing Inc.

Design/Build Experience:

We have built more than 100 beautiful custom lane homes – more than any other laneway housing builder.

Each of our lane houses is designed to specifically meet our customer’s needs. We offer the latest in design innovation and space saving solutions.

Our full time construction crew is experienced and courteous, ensuring a clean, safe job site with minimal disturbance for you and your neighbours.

Jake started Smallworks in late 2005 and became a strong advocate for the introduction of laneway housing. He established Smallworks Studios and Laneway Housing Inc. and worked with the City of Vancouver and other municipalities to help develop zoning by-laws based on his experience and interaction with literally hundreds of potential small home clients. Jake not only wanted to build small but to build sustainable. He brings together a team of dedicated people and develops homes which blend innovative techniques and incorporate modern building science and Flat Pac with hand-built finishes and millwork. “My desire in starting Smallworks was to build simple, elegant modern homes which, with basic maintenance, would look as good a generation after they were built as when they were new.” In 2012, Jake was one of two founding directors of SmallHousing BC, a non profit society. In 2014 Jake was named Ernst & Young’s (EY) Entrepreneur of the Year in Manufacturing. Today, Jake focuses on finding new ways to broaden the range of housing types in Vancouver to create affordable options for single-family home ownership.

Areas Served

Metro Vancouver



  • “Smallworks is a highly ethical company with incredible people skills and a wonderful team at multiple levels.


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