Creating stunning Vancouver-area homes a product of teamwork

JHA Architecture + Interior team creates efficient luxury homes with an eye to form and function.

The JHA Architecture + Interior team has developed a solid reputation around Vancouver and beyond for designing stunning, energy-efficient luxury homes with an eye to form and function. Photo courtesy JHA Architecture + Interior

Success in a new luxury home build or renovation project is a result of a highly collaborative approach between the client, architects, interior designers and general contractor.

Vancouver architect John Henshaw and his six-member team at JHA Architecture + Interior thoroughly understand the need for cohesiveness between all participants in a project.

As JHA lead interior designer Joy Chao puts it, it’s one thing to design a home or space that looks good conceptually – “on paper” – but if the building contractor isn’t on the same page as those creating the plans, the end result may not meet the client’s expectations or hopes for the project.

When the contractor really pays attention to the details of the design, not only will the home be built to last, it will also be aesthetically pleasing and have a functionality that is exactly how they want it to be,” she says.

The JHA team has developed a solid reputation around Vancouver and beyond for designing stunning, energy-efficient luxury homes with an eye to form and function. They’ve also drawn on that expertise to create significant upgrades in existing homes, incorporating many modern elements for the homeowners.

John notes that his team has worked hard to create forward-thinking heating and cooling solutions in its project homes, based on the City of Vancouver’s movement toward zero emissions. A current renovation of a historic Shaughnessy property requiring a full upgrade of the heating system will allow the homeowners to reap the rewards of a far more energy efficient home upon completion, he says.

JHA’s architectural and interior design work has received its share of the spotlight, especially when it comes to acknowledgement from its peers.

The company has been winning Homebuilders Association Vancouver (HAVAN) awards for its new home design and renovation projects since 2020.

It achieved finalist status for two such projects for 2024: Best New Bathroom for its collaboration with Teragon Developments & Construction Inc. on the Magnolia Residence, and Best Kitchen Renovation between $100,000 and $150,000, for its Reimagined Richmond Special, a partnership with Feature Projects Ltd.

The team at JHA recognizes the value to their firm in highlighting their attention to detail and quality of design through the HAVAN awards.

“We put a lot of time and effort into the award applications and getting professional photography done,” John says. “It’s a big part of the promotional side of the business and we have dedicated a great deal of time and staffing to bringing it forward.”

Find examples of the company’s work here and more photos of the kitchen renovation award nominee. Follow the latest on FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.

Langley Advance Times. May 7, 2024