Judging the HAVAN Awards

The HAVAN Awards of Housing Excellence has a structured judging process to ensure the integrity of the program.

Every year, HAVAN selects judges from across British Columbia and Canada, and at times, the United States, based on their expertise and reputation in their respective fields within the homebuilding industry.

Over a three-day period, the selected in-person judges are brought to Vancouver to judge the submitted entries. Select categories that require specific expertise will also have their entries reviewed by an online judging panel with the required expert knowledge.

The judges’ scores are confirmed by a third-party accounting firm that also calculates the final scores for the Grand HAVAN Awards. Scores are based on a combination of the submitted materials (photos, plans, budgets, and write-up), as it relates to the entered category requirements.

Up to four finalists are selected in each category. Categories with fewer than four entries are judged the same as any other category, ensuring the designated finalist(s) and winner(s) accurately represent an award-winning project.

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