Why the HAVAN Awards
of Housing Excellence?


You build/renovate/design great homes but research-savvy consumers who base decisions on reviews, word-of-mouth and industry endorsements need more than just your word.  Earning an award from an established third-party industry association like the HAVAN Awards builds credibility and consumer confidence.

Power of the
HAVAN Awards:
Integrated Year
Round Media

HAVAN integrates Award finalists and winners into its online, video and print content, helping you build connections with consumers.


Fresh and relevant content with linkbacks to a strong domain authority are essential to online marketing success.  Leverage your HAVAN Award accolades to build excitement and marketing buzz -- it's rich content for your website, social media channels, vlogs, blogs, videos, media releases, e-newsletters, to name just a few.  Also, by linking to a domain authority like HAVAN, you also strengthen your website’s ranking. Engage your online communities and spread the good news.

Strengthen Industry
Partnerships ​

By sharing the accolades with project contributors, you strengthen industry partnerships and raise the bar on all sides of the homebuilding industry.  For your teams, winning an award is a well-deserved acknowledgement for the hard work invested into a project. Everyone loves to hear they are part of an award-winning team -- it builds morale, pride and excitement.

Selection of Categories to
Highlight Your Projects​

This year, the HAVAN Awards featured 57 categories, providing ample opportunities to earn recognition for your work and showcase your brand as one of the best in the industry. Each year, the Award categories are reviewed to ensure they are relevant to our local residential construction industry and the public.

You Have to
Enter to Win!​

To win, you must enter! Leverage the benefits of entering the HAVAN Awards program.  

More About the Awards

The HAVAN Awards creates excitement and elevates awareness of the world-class housing being constructed by our local industry. The Awards connect consumers with build and design professionals and is designed to establish trust and appreciation of the expertise required to confidently navigate the complexities of home building.

“At Kalu Interiors, we pride ourselves on hard work that results in timeless and tasteful interiors for our clients while following design practices that ensure longevity of the projects we are involved with. Our goal is to stand out from the rest with our close attention to detail and visionary designs while we also work to ensure superior building practices for our projects. Being recognized by HAVAN and obtaining Ovation Awards on our first year entering, we were not only humbled, but also honoured to see our work receive recognition from the industry and our peers. We are motivated to continue to push the boundaries and achieve designs for our clients, and in the industry, that will continue to set them apart from the rest!”

Phyllis Lui + Aleem Kassam

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