Honourary Members


Name: Primary criteria for selection:
Dave Deighton Founding father of HAVAN
Denny Pearce Founding father of HAVAN
Ken Farrish Past president; several committees
Leigh Grelish Past president; several committees
George Pinch Long-time tech Committee Chair
Ross Gurney Past president; several committees; CHBA director
Mark Gauvin Hall of Famer; Tech Committee; r&d
Steve Kurrein Past president; several committees (DC, Golf)
Ken Sawatsky Past HAVAN, CHBA president, CHBA-BC president
Harold Kuehn Past president, CHBA-BC president, Reno Council
Neil Ziola Past president, advocate
David Hill Technical Committee; course speaker



To nominate a member, click here to submit your nomination via our survey.

The Directors present at the meeting of the HAVAN Board of Directors held on April 21, 2015 approved a Policy for approving honourary members as follows:

1. Purpose

  • Honour lifetime achievement and/or leadership at the local association level;
  • Maintain access to and provide standing for long-time members;
  • Create a succession path for members and enabling knowledge transfer and mentorship; and
  • Provide a complete membership lifecycle: from supporting students to knowledge transfer of retired members.

2. Honourary Member Qualifications

a) HAVAN Hall of Fame members (who are retired); or
b) Retired from primary business they were active members of or otherwise not a dues-paying member; and
c) Minimum 10 years paid membership in HAVAN; and
d) Displayed Significant leadership, such as:
a. Committee or board membership; or
b. Mentorship of other members; or
c. Involvement in association events and programs; or
d. Recipient of HAVAN, CHBA BC or CHBA awards.

3. Nominations

a) Nominations taken anytime, to be considered for approval annually; and
b) Can be made by any HAVAN member or staff.

4. Approval and Revocation

a) Ad hoc board committee to consider individual nominations;
b) HAVAN Board to approve based on committee recommendations;
c) In the event that an honourary member is found to behave in a fashion unbecoming of a member and/or violates the member code of ethics, the HAVAN board may vote to revoke the lifetime honourary membership, at its discretion.

5. Honourary Member Benefits

a) Can attend dinner meetings at member rates;
b) Can attend member orientation meetings;
c) Can participate as members of committees;
d) Will receive association emails including Monday Morning Briefing;
e) Distinguishing name tags and logo use;
f) Cannot vote at HAVAN or CHBA meetings.

For more information, contact Ron Rapp, 778-565-4288 or ron@havan.ca