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Government Relations Quarterly Report #2: BC Energy Step Code Municipal Adoption Summary
May 19, 2021

Metro Vancouver Energy Step Code Requirements


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QR2-2021 report identifies the various stages of Metro Vancouver’s 21 municipalities’ adoption of the BC Energy Step Code. The data breaks down Metro Vancouver by its 21 municipalities, listing Part 9 and Part 3 with the associated target adoption dates for the BC Energy Step Code. The goal of this report is to contribute to the dialogue on energy efficiency and the provision of much-needed, affordable, housing supply to address Metro Vancouver’s housing crisis. The BC Energy Step Code table will be updated monthly to provide members with real-time data to help navigate code requirements across the region.


2021 Quarterly Report #1 (QR1-2021)

QR1-2021 shows the direct impact made by the residential construction industry across Metro Vancouver. As the report indicates, Metro-wide the residential sector creates over 132,000 jobs, $8 billion in wages, and a combined investment value of $18.1 billion. Using two municipalities as an example; Maple Ridge sees over 5200 jobs, $316 million in wages, and $715 million in investment value, and the City of Vancouver generates over 38,000 jobs, $2.3 billion in wages, and $5.2 billion investment value. Add on the spin-off economies from people who live and work locally in their communities and the numbers will only grow exponentially. Click here for a list of data by the municipalities.