SEASON 1 | Podcast Partners

More than just an inspiration board, season one tackles home building and renovations head on. Mike and Jenn talk with the pros who share industry tips and information on all the things you should think about and plan for, before you start your home building or renovation project, to get the best results.


Shedding light on HAVAN, CEO Ron Rapp shares his personal insight on how you can find the resources to build your home right, the first time! You’ll also meet our co-hosts Mike and Jenn!


Building Blocks Podcast

Building Blocks

Like shoring up blocks for a solid foundation, HAVAN Chair, and President of Shakespeare Homes & Renovations Mark Cooper, walks us through finding the right builder for your home building project.


Nailing It Down Podcast

Nailing it Down

Budget. It’s not a scary word if you know how to nail it down the details with your builder in advance. Matt Senf of Sasen Homes offers planning strategies to help you manage your home building budget.


Nuts & Bolts Podcast

Nuts & Bolts

Pre-design planning. With so many experts available, Joshua Young of Maestro Development unravels the mystery of who you need on your dream team, in particular, the expertise required to build a high-performance home.