Benefits of Joining

HAVAN boasts more than 1,100 industry leaders as members, and continues to grow. We are Canada’s fastest growing, second largest Home Builder Association.

We offer:


As a member, you can proudly showcase the highly visible and recognized HAVAN logo. We are confident our trusted brand will help you to open doors.


Few individual companies can make a difference in the system. But, working together, our members have a respected and powerful voice at all levels of government. HAVAN meets regularly with many of the 21 municipalities in Metro Vancouver, affording us access to staff and elected officials – people whose decisions impact our industry.

  • Effective municipal liaison (dedicated government relations staff person)
  • Direct input into the regulatory process, thereby influencing regulatory reform
  • Opportunities to consult with officials at all levels of government on key issues affecting members


Networking is one of the top reasons companies join HAVAN. You can stay in close contact with key industry professionals – potential clients and peers – while developing relationships with and earning the respect of fellow members. Networking opportunities include:

  • Industry breakfasts, luncheons and dinners
  • Forums, seminars and workshops
  • Industry education
  • Roundtable meetings
  • Committees, council meetings and task forces
  • Social events
  • Members Expo
  • Trade shows
  • Contact Directory (hard copy listing of members’ businesses)
  • The HAVAN Awards, and so much more!


Through the multitude of educational courses and workshops organized by HAVAN, and its national and international affiliates, you and your associates can gain valuable knowledge on the latest industry changes, trends and opportunities.

  • Certification programs for builders and renovators
  • Industry workshops and presentations
  • Research papers and industry news updates
  • Online technical reference library


Media attention can influence the public’s opinion on issues facing your industry and your business. HAVAN’s extensive, ongoing media activity generates powerful positive coverage through print, online and broadcast media, which enhances the professional image of HAVAN members.

  • Media conferences
  • Press releases
  • Feature articles
  • Interviews and speeches
  • Public relations
  • Consumer seminars


As a HAVAN member you will enjoy a number of opportunities to promote your product or service to the leading companies and individuals in your industry. Marketing options include:

  • Internet marketing to members and consumers on our interactive website
  • RenoMark™ (for renovator members)
  • Annual Members Expo trade show
  • E-mail advertising on the template used for all our e-mails and newsletters to members
  • Tabletop displays at events held for members and consumers
  • Listings and advertising in the annual CONTACT Membership Directory that is provided free to members, consumers, libraries and government officials
  • Corporate sponsorship opportunities at member and consumer events
  • Contact list of all members

Listen to what members have to say about HAVAN. Click here to see some videos.