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Traditionally, when building or renovating your home, the interior designer is brought in later in the process, and low and behold, those amazing light fixtures you once had your eye no longer fit in the remaining budget! Without specifications clearly defined upfront, construction “allowances” often fall short of homeowner expectations.

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Today, interior designers and builders in Vancouver commonly use a holistic approach, known as the Integrated Design Process (IDP).

This process involves all the required professionals to gather for pre-planning meetings. And these meetings include an interior designer too.

IDP helps to reduce unplanned construction costs and increase project efficiency by bringing all stakeholders to the table at the beginning of the process – owner, architecture, interior designer, engineers, landscape architecture, and builder – to address the design requirements of the entire project – before anyone picks up a hammer!

Reducing construction costs, maintaining realistic budgets, facilitating constant communication with up-to-date information, and producing maximum efficiency are only some of the benefits of the integrated design process, including those light fixtures you had your eye on!

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Vancouver can be an expensive place to call home. Interior designers work to source the highest quality to fit your budget and help you realize your dream home.

It is so important that clear design specifications for all interior elements be part of the IDP holistic design at the tendering period, including lighting, millwork, finish selection, space planning,  FF&E (furnishings, fixtures and equipment,) and even the accessories.

When looking for a builder and interior designer, check their qualifications, noting Metro Vancouver is targeting building codes to achieve high-performance homes within BC’s Energy Step Code.

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Homes built to Energy Step Code 3 and higher have many benefits – lower energy costs, cleaner air, a cleaner home, generate less pollution, offer more comfortable living conditions, and ultimately offer a higher resale value on one of the largest investments in your lifetime.

Sound technical? Definitely! An experienced interior designer in Vancouver can guide you through the Integrated Design Process. Good design principles will impact the energy, health, and comfort levels of your home. Be sure to discuss your expectations (down to the light fixtures and doorknobs) with your interior designer and include them in the process from the beginning to ensure you build the home designed to your dreams.

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