• Lesson 1: Meet Your Instructor

    Tony Gioventu, Executive Director, Condominium Home Owners Association (CHOA).

  • Lesson 2: Your Home is Not Your Castle

    Family Considerations.

  • Lesson 3: Rules of Thumb for Buying a Condo

    The devil is in the details.

  • Lesson 4: Protect Your Home and Investment

    How to make this your best purchase ever.

  • Lesson 5: What’s the Scoop on Pre-Sale Condos?

    Tips for buying presale units.

  • Lesson 6: Tips for Condo Investors

    Tony shares key date and information every investor needs to know.

Complimentary Downloads:

What to know about: The Essentials for Strata Administration

Document fees

Buyers be Cautious

Pre‐Sales Agreements


Online Resources:

More resources are posted on the CHOA Information Bulletins

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Buyers of a strata lot may find the following Government of BC Strata website information of assistance:

Understanding stratas– an overview

Learn more about “Form B: Information Certificate”

Learn more about the “Form F: Certificate of Payment”

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