Measure Twice, Cut Once: S4 Ep33 Real Time Reno Finishing Details Drops Today!


Tuesday, November 8, 2022
For immediate release

Season 4 Ep 33.  Real Time Reno: Finishing Details

HAVAN’s podcast Measure Twice, Cut Once releases Season 4, episode #33 today, following the Burden family through their real time renovation, as the crew gets ready to tackle the finishing details.

Download – EPISODE #33: Real Time Reno: Finishing Details

The excitement is building as the Burdens peek upstairs to check on their 1912 heritage home renovation coming to life! Colour selections, appliances, and final design details are revealed, including an unexpected hiccup with trades brought in by the homeowners. Will the sub-trades be able to meet the deadline for final inspections? Join host Jennifer-Lee of Measure Twice, Cut Once as she catches up with the Burdens who are living in the basement through their heritage B East Vancouver renovation, and Alex from Level One Construction, with Cara from Triple Dot Design Studio who explain the strategies to help bring the project together. HAVANofficial #MeasureTwiceCutOnce #Podcast

95% of scenarios you never want the homeowner choosing trades. It just muddies the water, and it becomes a problem if somebody screws up – determining who’s liable can create a messy situation.
Alex Dumitru, Level Once Construction

The design is very approachable. It’s casual, with layers, and details, but nothing that’s so intricate that it’s too fussy, because a young family doesn’t have time to be cleaning super ornate details.
Cara Hansen, Triple Dot Design Studio

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Season One looks at everything you need to know before you start the construction phase of the project.
Season Two explores a series of exciting housing forms: laneways, duplexes, aging-in-place etc.
Season Three explores the concept of healthy homes to enhance the wellness and livability of our homes.
Season Four follows the Burden Family through a real-time renovation.

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