A Vancouver Special picking up housing and design awards this season is featured on HAVAN’s podcast Measure Twice, Cut Once in episode #12 Good Bones. Focused on helping homeowners understand what to look for when renovating an older character home, co-hosts Mike and Jennifer-Lee learn about what constitutes good bones of the home and how your contractor and interior designer can help create the home right for you.


EPISODE #12 GOOD BONES: Character Home Renovations


” If you are looking to buy a home to renovate, a good starting point is to look for pulled permits on the property. Check for non-permitted add-ons such as decks and garages. Look for asbestos, check for electrical or plumbing upgrades and if there’s approved permits. Knowing the history and ensuring work has been done to code will help determine what you are buying and your cost to renovate.”


Alex Dumitru, Level One Construction


You don’t necessarily notice good design, but you do notice bad design. If something doesn’t functionally work or if it isn’t intuitively where you want it to be, it can negatively impact on your life. Having a good interior designer to plan all the little details will help create a desirable livable space, while saving you and your contractor, time and money.”

Cara Hansen, Triple Dot Design Studio


Packed with resources and tips, episode #12, Good Bones launches today!


Season Two explores a series of exciting housing projects including whole-home renovations, aging in place, adaptability solutions, new high-performance and passive homes, duplex designs, small housing solutions, redesigned award-winning character homes, plus so much more! Co-hosts Mike and Jennifer-Lee ask the questions, so homeowners get the answers to help build or renovate the home right, the first time. Season One looked at everything you need to know before you start your project.


Media Contact: Dawn Sondergaard