Measure Twice, Cut Once: Season 3 Ep. #21 Design Build Trends

April 21, 2022
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Season 3 Ep 21. Design Build Trends Improve the livability of your home – download now!


The Homebuilders Association Vancouver’s (HAVAN) podcast Measure Twice, Cut Once releases episode #21 today exploring design build trends to improve the livability of our homes to improve the wellness of our families.


EPISODE #21 Award-winning Design Build Trends: Tips from Joe Geluch and Khang Nguyen

Award-winning industry leaders Joe Geluch of Naikoon Contracting, and Khang Nguyen of Architrix Design Studio believe in designing with purpose and building above the basic code to improve the livability of our homes to improve the wellness of our families. Listen in as Mike and Jennifer-Lee of Measure Twice, Cut Once get the scoop on the latest industry trends.


My philosophy really weighs down to just being simple and focusing on trying to create very practical, pragmatic, and easy to build homes that obviously will look beautiful and unique depending on the client’s direction. I try to keep things as simple as possible. I try not to travel too far to get to work. I try not to complicate the decisions I make. And I think that comes through in how I design and how I guide clients. So, the path of least resistance is kind of where I like to focus.’ Khang Nguyen, Architrix Design Studio


‘We’re certainly seeing consolidation. Families consolidating incomes and capital to buy a property, to build a triplex or a duplex with a suite for mom. And so, the size of things is trending down. The 4,500 square foot home was pretty classic years back. And now we’re seeing people with the ability to build that size of a home but saying, ‘Hey, you know what, we only need 3,200 square feet. Let’s maximize our dollar in quality and not quantity.’ Joe Geluch, Naikoon Contracting


Packed with information and ideas to begin understanding the impact of award-winning design and building techniques, be sure to check out Design Build Trends and discover how designing with purpose and building above code can enhance the livability of your home.


Season Three explores building and renovating solutions for healthier homes. Co-hosts Mike and Jennifer-Lee ask the questions, so homeowners get the answers to help build or renovate the home right, the first time. Season One looked at everything you need to know before you start your project. Season Two explores a series of exciting housing projects including whole-home renovations, aging in place, adaptability solutions, high-performance building and more!


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