Measure Twice, Cut Once: Season 3 Ep. #22 Healthy Renos

Season 3 Ep 22. Healthy Renovations: Building above code to improve the livability of your home – download now!

The Homebuilders Association Vancouver’s (HAVAN) podcast Measure Twice, Cut Once releases episode #22 today exploring healthy, high-performance renovations to improve the livability of our homes and improve the wellness of our families.

Download – EPISODE #22 Healthy Renos: Building above code, with lifestyle choices built in.

Renovating with purpose and lifestyle in mind creates interesting challenges when looking to achieve high-performance energy-efficient levels in your home. Sharing a great character home renovation project, award-winning builder/renovator Henri Belisle, president of TQ Construction, and homeowner Dr. Janet Simons share their strategies, including personal choices, and a well-planned design to achieve the family’s goals. Join Mike and Jennifer-Lee of Measure Twice, Cut Once and get the scoop on healthy, high-performance renos.

‘Personal choices are important when you’re building a house. We really were not willing to compromise on having a gas cook top. The heat pump really came about as we wanted to be able to efficiently heat and cool a home. In cold weather, often you need a backup system, and a gas furnace is an option. We decided we didn’t want to buy a whole gas furnace, and so, we ended up using the hot water system as our backup for the heat pumps. The hot water is coming off our on-demand heating system, which is gas powered. Gas in our house makes sense even in a high-performance energy efficient home, as a personal choice, as well as just the overall design of the house.’ Dr Janet Simons, homeowner

‘The most important thing for permit approvals is – you need is to have everything well thought out and do a bit of the city’s work for them. You’re asking somebody for something – you need to give the other party a reason why they should approve it. For a higher performance home, there’s going to be a lot more questions. You have to provide the answers before they even ask.’ Henri Belisle, TQ Construction

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Packed with information and ideas to begin understanding the impact of high-performance building strategies to implement in your next renovation, be sure to check out Healthy Renos and discover how designing with your lifestyle in mind and renovating above code can enhance the livability of your home.

Season Three explores building and renovating solutions for healthier homes. Co-hosts Mike and Jennifer-Lee ask the questions, so homeowners get the answers to help build or renovate the home right, the first time. Season One looked at everything you need to know before you start your project. Season Two explores a series of exciting housing projects including whole-home renovations, aging in place, adaptability solutions, high-performance building and more!

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