Policy for Selection of Charitable Partners

The purpose of the charitable policy process is to outline a formal process for assessing new charitable opportunities, as well as ensuring current relationships continue to align with our goals and values.

1. Approval process:

a. Proposed charitable relationships will be fixed in writing in non-binding agreement form;
b. Proposed charitable relationships shall be formally presented to the HAVAN Board of Directors for final approval; and
c. Proposals may emanate from any member, however, greater consideration will be given to proposals previously vetted by a HAVAN committee.

2. Criteria for selection.

The proposed charity’s activities shall:

a. Be directly or indirectly related to the residential construction industry; or
b. Have existing support or involvement from individual HAVAN members; or
c. Be assistive to multiple municipalities within the Metro Vancouver area; or
d. Gain greater leverage from in-kind HAVAN support versus financial support from GVHBA; and
e. Reflect positively on the HAVAN brand and the brands of its members; and
f. Be non-secular and non-partisan in nature; and g. Be measurable and reported upon at least annually; and
h. Operate with a combined fund-raising and administrative cost under 25%.

3. Criteria for continuance:

a. The charity continues to meet the criteria above; and
b. The HAVAN has the continued financial and organizational capability to deliver it’s commitments under the MOU.