Episode 64: Kitchen Appliance Design Trends

Renovating 20+ kitchens every year, Julie Hale from Trail Appliances knows a thing or two about how to determine which appliances will work for you and how to design the ultimate kitchen that works for you. Tune in the hear the latest kitchen design and appliance trends, and optimize your next renovation!

Episode 63: Unlocking Home Equity

According to Bobby Purba of BDC Homes, who has built many multi-plex and multi-generational homes, talking about generational wealth and real estate can be tough, but says these conversations need to S.U.C.K. Sharing insight on the new multiplex legislation, listen in as Bobby offers tips and recommends the professionals to consult before you start unlockinh your home equity.

Episode 62: Suite Solutions

Looking at housing through a holistic lens, Sara Goldvine from BC Housing dives into the concept of housing as a system. Providing an overview of BC Housing and solutions to address our housing crisis such as the BC Builds Program and the new Secondary Suite Incentive Program, benefits of builder licensing, and the 2-5-10 Home Warranty Program are also reviewed.

Episode 61: Multi-Family Homes

Meet Laurel James, the design-half of the award-winning Novell Design Build team. Passionate about building homes for families of all configurations, Laurel approaches design with a curious and thoughtful eye to ensure the dwelling spaces nurture our creature comforts. Listen in as Laurel shares her thoughts on multi-family dwellings and the latest provincial regulations.

Episode 60: Energy Advisors

Mike and Jennifer-Lee explore the benefits of working with an Energy Advisor to calculate the building envelope, mechanical systems, and the air-tightness of your home to help provide choice, manage budgets, and above all, increase the comfort of your home when building new or renovating. A performance-based process, tune in for tips from Barb Silverthorn of Capture Energy.

Episode 59: Windows

Looking into windows, one quickly realizes there are many considerations and potential unintended consequences that can impact the heating and cooling, plus the affordability, and comfort of your home. Speaking with Anton Van Dyk of Layton Consulting, Mike and Jennifer-Lee look into the importance of proper window selection.

Episode 56: HP Reno Review

Discover the challenges and triumphs of renovating a 112-year-old home as we bring back the builder – TQ Construction, and the homeowner, Dr Janet Simons, to review the high-performance whole home renovation project. Including lessons learned, scope creep, and pesky woodpeckers, this episode is packed with information to help you on your next home renovation.

Episode 39: Small Houses

Jake Fry of Smallworks talks with Jennifer-Lee and Mike about the concept of attainable housing for the missing middle and building thriving modern-day communities, suggesting we keep an open mind to solutions and focus on sophisticated conversations, versus complicated ones.

Real Numbers $$

Budgets keep it real, and the Burdens get real in this final episode discussing their finance strategies, with mortgage broker, Alisa Aragon-Lloyd of Bridgestone Financing Pros.

Deficiency Walkthrough

Whether building, renovating or designing, it’s all in the details. Take a walk with the Burdens as they get their final walkthrough with Cara from Triple Dot Design, and Alex from Level One Construction.

Finishing Details

The excitement is building as the Burdens peek upstairs and can see the essence of their 1920’s heritage home coming to life! Colour selections, appliances, and final details are revealed, including a final, unexpected hiccup with a subtrade.

Walls, Floors & Millwork

Planning on paper does not always translate into the real world. Will the Burdens’ wish list be realized? What must to be cut to stay within budget? Tune in for design and building solutions as the project comes to life!

Rough Ins & Permits

Emotions are waning and the dishes are piling up in the basement. Getting to the rough-in stage and pass permitting takes some muscle and perseverance. Do the Burdens have what it takes to see this through?

Demo Days

It’s getting real in the basement as the two upper floors of the Burden’s heritage B home are gutted. Tune in as the walls are opened, and the anticipated reno surprises are revealed.

Project Planning

The design plans require adjustments out of the gate, to work within the budget, accommodate engineering requirements, and to enable the Burdens to live in the basement. Can this project be realized?

Meet the Burdens

Meet the Burdens. A young family, looking to build their forever home. This is not their first rodeo, but it is their first time working with professionals. And their heritage B renovation story features drama and heart.


With an eye for design and a passion for globetrotting, Aleem Kassam, co-owner of Kalu Design Interiors walks us straight through his closet, and into the bathroom bursting with ideas to create a spa retreat to rival any 5-star hotel!


Renovating to higher performance levels with lifestyle benefits included requires thoughtful planning. Henri Belisle, president of TQ Construction and homeowner Dr Janet Simons discuss the planning process of a 1912 character home renovation.


Bobby Purba of By Design Construction and Alisa Aragon-Lloyd of Bridgestone Financing Pros understand the power of building your team when you are looking to buy real estate in Metro Vancouver to build or renovate. Listen in as Mike and Jennifer-Lee of Measure Twice, Cut Once learn about the importance of having good people on your team, to make your property work for you and maximize one of the greatest investments in your lifetime, your home.


Doubling down on a housing type not readily allowed in all Metro Vancouver municipalities has Kiff Mowat of Davenport Homes and his brother Cam seeing double. These brothers know first-hand how a duplex can provide an affordable approach to living in a ground-oriented home. Listen in as Jennifer-Lee and Mike from Measure Twice, Cut Once learn about the brothers’ journey from living in condos, to building a duplex with suites, to house four families.


Extending the life of a traditional prefab Pan-Abode home with factory-built panelized wall systems, Steve Kemp of Kemp Construction believes you can add life to almost any home, noting the ones with quirky designs often yield the best results. Join Mike and Jennifer-Lee as they explore whole-home renovations using state-of-the-art building science.


With a Count Me In attitude, the possibilities are endless when building a home to live your life to the maximum. Todd Best of Best Builders talks to co-hosts Mike and Jennifer-Lee about the process of adapting homes for specific physical needs and aging in place, noting there is no better place than home. The key is planning and working with experienced professionals.


Building plans. Construction estimates. Material Selection. Trade quotes. Sarah Gallop, Founder of Sarah Gallop Design Inc breaks down the importance of the pre-construction planning stage, so you don’t get screwed down the line!

Ami McKay Measure Twice Cut Once


Interior Design choices impact all facets of homebuilding. Ami McKay, Principal Designer at Pure Design, frames her home design journey with wisdom, insight, and finding the golden thread. Love the space you live in! Listen now!


Shedding light on HAVAN, CEO Ron Rapp shares his personal insight on how you can find the resources to build your home right, the first time! You’ll also meet our co-hosts Mike and Jenn!