Shower with marble stone bench inside


The energy efficiency of Canadian homes has improved greatly over the years. Thanks to major advances in building science and product innovation, today’s new homeowner can expect to use only half of the energy required for a similar home built in 1950, and at the same time enjoy a far more comfortable living environment. Does…

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With winter just around the corner, now is a good time to check the exterior of your home in preparation for the colder weather. Some points to consider include: Gutter Cleaning Be sure your gutters and down spouts are clear of any debris. Clogged gutters can detach due to weight, and cause water damage to…

zig zag house design with large windows and sunroof

Creating an Ultra Modern Home

Ovation Award Winner: Best Custom Home: $1.5 million – Under $3 million Ovation Award Winner: Best Interior Design HAVAN Builder: Upward Construction & Renovation Ltd. To view this project and other award-winning homes, check out   In creating the home Ultra Modern, the architects focused the on keeping the lines of the home geometric…

Modern brick home design with spacious upstairs living room

Music Makes the Home

Music is core to our being.  Homes filled with music are filled with more laughter, more love and more family togetherness.  Everyday tasks like cooking and cleaning become more enjoyable and your gatherings will never be the same!  But where should you start and what should you demand from any audio solution being built into…

5 Tips For Your Home Intrusion and Detection System to Keep You Safer and More Secure

1) Replace Ionization with Photoelectric Smoke Detectors  Most residential fire fatalities are due to smoke inhalation. In smoldering fires, ionization smoke detectors respond an average of 15 to 50 minutes slower than photoelectric smoke detectors. Several studies show that ionization smoke detectors will fail to activate 20-25% of the time, compared to photoelectric smoke detectors…

Making the switch to LED

Everyone has heard over the past years how LED’s have a positive effect on the environment, or how LEDs can help save households money in the long run. But not everyone is sure on how to make the switch to LED. Here are a few things to consider: WATTS VS. LUMENS When switching over from…

Master washroom with large glass window shower and antique style bathtub

Creating That Dream Ensuite

  “Timeless, elegant, simple and uncluttered.” Marg knew the style she wanted for her renovated master bedroom ensuite, but she didn’t know where to start. She went online and visited a few stores, but the process felt overwhelming, and the tile she found seemed outside her budget. Luckily, her contractor suggested a visit to the Surrey/Cloverdale…

New York home with a spiral staircase leading down to open space kitchen


Stone has long been one of the foundations for home construction. Its rounded shape and smooth texture make it the perfect decorative accent for any room in your house. Incorporating stone into your design can add a touch of modern elegance to a bedroom or a bit of rustic class to a kitchen. Your possibilities are endless when you are looking to incorporate this material into everyday décor in some of the most commonly used rooms in your home.


Make sure the Material you Choose for the Outside Reflects what you want to Achieve on the Inside.

Building a home can be extremely stressful – choosing finishes and styles, and working with builders, contractors and trades to ensure at the end of the day you and your family are choosing the best materials representing who you are.

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Metro News Ovation Awards Feature

From modest kitchen renovations to stunning whole-home transformations, and from family-oriented townhouse communities to luxurious custom-built estate homes, the Ovation Awards highlight the best projects HAVAN members have built, renovated, designed and marketed in Metro Vancouver. The annual Ovation Awards are well respected in the Metro Vancouver construction industry, partly thanks to their rigorous judging process.…

Fifth Ave tracks the townhome and condo market

The final results for 2017 are in and new condominium sales and town-home sales are noteworthy.

Written by Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing Ltd. In a preliminary excerpt from a report by Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing Limited, a residential project marketing and sales agency with 38 years of experience, readers can discover what was selling, where and why in 2017 and the trends that are driving a quick sales start…

Vertical living in condos and high rises is one of the solutions to a growing population.

High-Rises: Experience the Urban Lifestyle

Vertical living is one of the solutions to the challenges of an ever-growing urban population. No longer just your entry-level home type, condos appeal to a variety of generations, from first-time homebuyers to downsizers. To meet the increased demand for an urban lifestyle, developers are building multi-family highrises. Using the Ovation Award-winning Block 100, built…