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Creating an Ultra Modern Home

Ovation Award Winner: Best Custom Home: $1.5 million – Under $3 million Ovation Award Winner: Best Interior Design HAVAN Builder: Upward Construction & Renovation Ltd. To view this project and other award-winning homes, check out www.ovationawards.ca   In creating the home Ultra Modern, the architects focused the on keeping the lines of the home geometric…


Recreational cannabis will be legal in Canada in two days: October 17, 2018. Adults who are 19 years of age and older will be permitted to legally possess, share, purchase and grow limited quantities of cannabis for personal use in British Columbia. This will add some level of increased complexity for employers, but in some…

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Stone has long been one of the foundations for home construction. Its rounded shape and smooth texture make it the perfect decorative accent for any room in your house. Incorporating stone into your design can add a touch of modern elegance to a bedroom or a bit of rustic class to a kitchen. Your possibilities are endless when you are looking to incorporate this material into everyday décor in some of the most commonly used rooms in your home.

Under Pressure: Putting the Job Before the Agreement

Homeowners and general contractors often find themselves under various pressures to complete work and advance the project. The rushed approach that often ensues can cause parties to overlook or postpone settling essential terms with subcontractors. The recent case of Limem Forming West Ltd. v. Stuart Olson Dominion Construction Ltd., 2017 BCSC 1485, highlights the dangers…

Getting Paid and Fixing Deficiencies

It can be very frustrating when a homeowner refuses to make the final payment because of seemingly inconsequential “deficiencies”. However, the BC Supreme Court made it clear in Constructum Developments Inc. v. Hogaboam, 2015 BCSC 1490, that a homeowner may be entitled to correction of all deficiencies before they are obligated to make the final payment. In fact, a contractor’s insistence on receiving final payment before fixing final deficiencies may actually result in a repudiation of the parties’ agreement.

Going Green the Smart Way

Greater demand from consumers and regulators in British Columbia for environmentally sustainable or “green” building practices suggests potential benefits for “green-contractors”. A common strategy is to adopt a labelling system that advertises compliance with defined environmental standards. Common examples of green-labels used in B.C.’s construction industry include the Energy Star label and the Built Green seals.

The Big Issue with Fixed-Price Construction Contracts

For most home owners considering a renovation or new build, price is one of the most important factors in determining the scope of their project, the finishing’s to select and what contractor to choose. For contractors, providing a client with budget certainty can be a significant selling point; thus, the appeal of fixed price construction

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Living expenses like mortgage payments, rent payments, property taxes and house insurance can all take a big bite out of a family’s budget. There is little a family can do to lower these costs each month but they can take steps to reduce their monthly fuel bills and make their homes more energy efficient. Windows…

Standard hardhat for bathroom, landscape design, home building design and renovation


Walking into the show home of a professional new home builder is bound to elicit a few “oohs” and “ahs” from home buyers. With their dramatic entrances, sweeping vistas, soaring ceilings, gleaming floors, stunning bathrooms, gorgeous landscape design, and bold colours today’s new homes are designed with flair and creativity. Professional new home builders understand…

Standard hardhat for bathroom, landscape design, home building design and renovation

HAVAN Home to the Professionals

When you are in the market for a new home, you should shop for your builder as carefully as you do for your home. You want to make sure that you buy from a new home builder who is committed to quality, service and customer satisfaction. Membership in the Greater Homebuilders Association Vancouver (HAVAN) is…

Standard hardhat for bathroom, landscape design, home building design and renovation


Today, the experience of buying a new home is very different than in the past. This is the era of customization. Whether you are buying your first home or finally having your “dream” home built, new home builders provide an incredible range of options and upgrades. The end result is a brand new home that…