Zero in on the structure of a new build

There are many considerations when shopping for a new home. HAVAN member Alabaster Homes suggest zeroing in on the structure of the building, before getting carried away with the appliance package or design possibilities. Six recommended indicators to look for when walking through a show home are:   Floors: ensure floors are consistently flat and…

Townhomes becoming ‘forever’ homes

Builders are responding to market demand with a variety of housing choices. With affordability an issue, townhomes are no longer viewed as a step to a forever home, but as a permanent home and in many cases, come complete with all the luxuries of a traditional single-family home. Take Zenterra Developments’ award-winning Soho 2 in Surrey.…

There’s value in buying into inclusive communities

Vibrant, inclusive communities are built to support families through various stages of life. Different sizes and floorplans will cater to different needs as a family grows through the natural cycles of life. The availability of a variety of homes ensures the longevity and livelihood of a healthy neighbourhood. An excellent example is the Ovation award-winning…

Townhouses: A viable option for everyone

Townhouse living today far surpasses the starter homes of generations gone by. The ‘Shaughnessy Residences’ by Alabaster Homes, nominated as a finalist for five Ovation Awards including – Best New Kitchen: Under $50,000; Best Residential Community: Multi-Family, Best Townhouse/Rowhome Development (Production): 1,500 sq. ft. and over; and Best Interior Design Display Suite: Multi-Family Home – is…

Choose a floorplan wisely

Townhomes come in different shapes and sizes. Visualize life in your new home and choose the floorplan that’s right for you. Greatrooms on the main are the norm, however the layout of the floorplan can make a significant difference to your lifestyle. Consider site lines, access points and the functional use of space. Walk from…

The lowdown on the low-rise building

The lowrise apartment, a form of condominium, provides flexibility for different segments of the market, from families starting out, to empty nesters downsizing. Mercy, a four-storey high-end concrete multi-family development comprised of 17 residences and one level of underground parking, has been nominated as a finalist in the 2019 HAVAN Ovation Awards for Best Multi-Family Lowrise Development.…

Display suite inspiration and design

It’s Ovation Awards season, the time of year when the residential construction industry celebrates the best projects HAVAN members have built, renovated, designed and marketed in Metro Vancouver. Showcasing single-room renovations through to new condo developments and custom-built homes, HAVAN Ovation Award builders set the bar high as they go for gold! Working with Landa Global Properties, Sublime Interior…

25th Annual Homebuyer Forum

It’s a great time to buy in the Lower Mainland. For the first time since 2012, Vancouver has become a buyers’ market. Gain expert advice at the upcoming 25th annual Homebuyers Forum on Wednesday, March 6th, at the Hyatt Regency, Vancouver. Featuring Alisa Aragon of Bridgestone Financing Pros offering financial strategies, and Scott Brown, Fifth…

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Homebuyer Forum 2019

Are you wondering how you can afford a home in Metro Vancouver? The 2019 Homebuyer Forum will provide you with strategic tips on how to enter the Metro Vancouver market. Presented by BC Housing, forums feature industry experts in a series of educational panels covering tactical topics such as buying from developers, up and coming…

Vertical living in condos and high rises is one of the solutions to a growing population.

High-Rises: Experience the Urban Lifestyle

Vertical living is one of the solutions to the challenges of an ever-growing urban population. No longer just your entry-level home type, condos appeal to a variety of generations, from first-time homebuyers to downsizers. To meet the increased demand for an urban lifestyle, developers are building multi-family highrises. Using the Ovation Award-winning Block 100, built…

Tien Sher is an innovative and affordable home builder

Tien Sher

Searching for an affordable home in Vancouver? Look to award-winning builder Tien Sher for innovation and quality when buying an entry level condo.

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Your new home will provide you with your own personal space and refuge from the outside world. The area in which the house is located will also be an important determinant of how much you enjoy “where you live.” That is why you should compare locations as carefully as you compare houses. First, you should…

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Getting ready to buy a new home? Whether you are a first-time home buyer or planning for your next home, you will want to consider the financial aspects of your decision carefully. What’s the best approach to financing your purchase? How much can and should you borrow? What’s involved and how long will it take…

Raising a family in a condo

Kids in Condos: Expanding families in smaller spaces

Condominium living used to be the quintessential definition of being in your 20s and early 30s, living on your own or with your partner in the heart of the city, and enjoying the trendy life of name-brand coffees and late-night dinners.  But in the past decade, there has been a dramatic shift in the demographics of condo dwellers in Vancouver, who now are just as likely to be walking around town with designer strollers as with frou-frou dogs.

Staging your home to sell

Looking to sell? How staging helps

Whether you have lived in your condo for a couple of years, or a house for thirty, preparing to sell your home can be an overwhelming experience. All those little annoying things you have put off fixing; the loose hinged drawer, a dripping faucet, a finicky light switch, a worn carpet, are they really so important to making the sale?

Buying a new home with help from the GVHBA's annual free seminar for first-time home buyers

A Home to Call My Own

I remember when my husband and I took the plunge to buy our first home back in 2006.

We were renting downtown, as so many 20-somethings do, enjoying the urbanite lifestyle but also dreaming of a time when I could sleep undisturbed — no 3 a.m. wake-up calls from my neighbours’ sound system and the early-morning deliveries taking place in the alleys.

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When you buy a brand new home, it’s easy to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase before you take possession of it. As your home gets close to completion, usually a few days before you are due to move in, the builder will take you on a tour of the entire house.…

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Today, the experience of buying a new home is very different than in the past. This is the era of customization. Whether you are buying your first home or finally having your “dream” home built, new home builders provide an incredible range of options and upgrades. The end result is a brand new home that…