Bobby Purba of By Design Construction and Alisa Aragon-Lloyd of Bridgestone Financing Pros understand the power of building your team when you are looking to buy real estate in Metro Vancouver to build or renovate. Listen in as Mike and Jennifer-Lee of Measure Twice, Cut Once learn about the importance of having good people on your team, to make your property work for you and maximize one of the greatest investments in your lifetime, your home.


Doubling down on a housing type not readily allowed in all Metro Vancouver municipalities has Kiff Mowat of Davenport Homes and his brother Cam seeing double. These brothers know first-hand how a duplex can provide an affordable approach to living in a ground-oriented home. Listen in as Jennifer-Lee and Mike from Measure Twice, Cut Once learn about the brothers’ journey from living in condos, to building a duplex with suites, to house four families.


Extending the life of a traditional prefab Pan-Abode home with factory-built panelized wall systems, Steve Kemp of Kemp Construction believes you can add life to almost any home, noting the ones with quirky designs often yield the best results. Join Mike and Jennifer-Lee as they explore whole-home renovations using state-of-the-art building science.


With a Count Me In attitude, the possibilities are endless when building a home to live your life to the maximum. Todd Best of Best Builders talks to co-hosts Mike and Jennifer-Lee about the process of adapting homes for specific physical needs and aging in place, noting there is no better place than home. The key is planning and working with experienced professionals.

Just Enough Podcast


How much is enough? Jake Fry, Founder of Smallworks and Co-founder of Small Housing BC, and Richard Bell of Bell Alliance LLP, and Director of Small Housing BC know how to reconfigure a single-family home to find a variety of affordable housing solutions for families of all configurations. Listen in as co-hosts Mike and Jennifer-Lee hear about creative ideas for single-family home ownership in Metro Vancouver.