Adera Developments is known for innovation in green building and high-performance homes

Adera Developments

Searching for a sustainable home in Vancouver? Look to award-winning builder Adera Developments for innovation in green building and high performance homes.


Tien Sher is an innovative and affordable home builder

Tien Sher

Searching for an affordable home in Vancouver? Look to award-winning builder Tien Sher for innovation and quality when buying an entry level condo.


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Getting ready to buy a new home? Whether you are a first-time home buyer or planning for your next home, you will want to consider the financial aspects of your…


Home Buying and selling market intelligence

Gather market intelligence at the HAVAN Homebuyer Forum

Whether you are planning on buying your first home, thinking of helping a millennial get a foot in the door, or a new-comer to Vancouver, there is one golden rule to follow: prepare before you purchase. Read Bob’s article in the February 17 issue of New Home and Condo Guide.


Bob de Wit discusses pre-sale units and the 22nd Annual Home Buyers Seminar

Bob de Wit’s Province Guest Column

Bob’s monthly guest column in the Vancouver Province features topics relating to the residential construction industry and related issues, relevant to the association, and the readers of the paper.


Raising a family in a condo

Kids in Condos: Expanding families in smaller spaces

Condominium living used to be the quintessential definition of being in your 20s and early 30s, living on your own or with your partner in the heart of the city, and enjoying the trendy life of name-brand coffees and late-night dinners.  But in the past decade, there has been a dramatic shift in the demographics of condo dwellers in Vancouver, who now are just as likely to be walking around town with designer strollers as with frou-frou dogs.


Staging your home to sell

Looking to sell? How staging helps

Whether you have lived in your condo for a couple of years, or a house for thirty, preparing to sell your home can be an overwhelming experience. All those little annoying things you have put off fixing; the loose hinged drawer, a dripping faucet, a finicky light switch, a worn carpet, are they really so important to making the sale?


Buying a new home with help from the GVHBA's annual free seminar for first-time home buyers

A Home to Call My Own

I remember when my husband and I took the plunge to buy our first home back in 2006.

We were renting downtown, as so many 20-somethings do, enjoying the urbanite lifestyle but also dreaming of a time when I could sleep undisturbed — no 3 a.m. wake-up calls from my neighbours’ sound system and the early-morning deliveries taking place in the alleys.


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When you buy a brand new home, it’s easy to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase before you take possession of it. As your home gets close…